Anupamaa 18th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Anupama asks Pakhi if she has forgotten her mother who worked day and night in the kitchen, who cried alone but smiled in front of her children, who saved money for her children, sacrificed her own needs, etc. She asks if her mother was Good , when she saved money for her children, but suddenly became evil when she cut unnecessary wedding expenses. He asks if he sees her with gold plated roti and silver water after marrying Anuj etc, Pakhi thinks 100 times before posting her selfie on social media but doesn’t think even once before accusing her mother. She is falling apart. Anuj tries to console her.

Hasmukh asks Pakhi how dare she accuse his daughter. Anuj says that even if God tells him that Anupama married him for money, he will not believe God. Leela says greedy people think everyone is greedy. Samar says that he used to find Pakhia’s arrogance childish and now finds her disgusted. Each family member tongue Lash Pakhi to remind her sick and greedy nature. Pakhi yells at them to stop as they all start tongue lashing when one starts. Vanraj If She Has A Courage To Talk, She Should A Courage To List Toy; He never thought she would humiliate them at her in-laws after she had already humiliated them. Pakhi tries to speak. Vanraj stops her.

Anupama Says She Vented Out Her Pain, Now Its Time To Give A Verdict. She says she won’t listen to anyone, so no one should try to convince her to risk the decision she made. She asks Adhik and his wife to pack their bags and get out of her house. Adhik says its not a punishment but a chance to reform and become self sufficient, he has no reason to stay here and leaves. Anupama shouts Pakhi Adhik Mehta Get out. Pakhi panics and asks where will they go. Anupama says where will Kanhaji take her. Leela warns not to come to her house. Anupama says she shouldn’t even go to her house to Naani and Maamji as their clothes are not up to her standards. Dolly also denies letting her stay at her house. Anupama says Pakhi can pack some food and theplas for herself.

Pakhi begs him not to kick her out. Adhik asks Pakhi to pack her bags. Pakhi cries to apologize to Anupam but won’t leave the Kapadia house. Vanraj demands that Anupama cancel Pakhia’s wedding and punish her but not kick her out of the house. Anuj says if he cares so much about his wife, he should take his daughter and SIL home and feed them. Vanraj is silent. Anupama says it’s amazing that everyone is putting the responsibility on her and Anuj; Pakhi wanted to rule over Kapadia’s house, but he won’t allow her to even become her maid. Pakhi sits steadfast. Anupama says now she won’t get into her drama and won’t mind wherever she goes. She asks if anyone would like to take Pakhi to their house. No one answers. Anupama warns Pakhi to stop her drama and get out.

Pakhi shouts Ok and asks Vanraj to take her home. Adhik says he won’t stay in her parent’s house as it’s not man’s ego but son-in-law’s pride. Ankush says he is proud of Adhik. Samar says even he is. Pakhi breaks things and shouts that she won’t go. Anupama prays that God will give Pakhi some conscience and says it’s time to go. Adhik brings his and Pakhi’s bag and says let us go. Anupama performs Pakhi and Adhik’s Aarti and says that even a mountain will collapse when she repeatedly hits it at the same place, mother won’t but Pakhi will break mother too. He continues his speech. Adhik and Pakhi come out of the Kapadia house holding their suitcase. Tere Laad Ki Main.. The song is playing in the background. Anupama reminisces about her time with Pakhi and breaks down. Anuj Comforts Her as everyone exits Kapadia House.


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