Anupamaa 14th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Pakhi apologizes to Vanraj for marrying her without his consent and says that her move was wrong, but Adhik is not wrong and she loves him immensely. She says they took an extreme step as they didn’t want to lose each other, Vanraj may get angry but he won’t give up and attend her wedding. Vanraj says he was upset but eager to attend every part of the wedding. He thanks Anuj for supporting Pakhi when he rejected her and says that he has now realized that sending him to Mumbai was just a drama. Anuj smiles. Vanraj dances with Pakhi to a Punjabi song as everyone cheers them on. He then accepts Adhika. Family Picture Falls And Breaks. Anupama gets worried when she notices this.

Vanraj takes care of the pre-wedding arrangements. Anuj tells Device that Vanraj will change all their arrangements. Devika gets angry and rushes to stop Anuj. Anupama walks in a Sangeet themed pink glitter saree. Anuj signals that she looks beautiful. Devika asks Anupama to stop her romance and stop Vanraj from ruining her arrangement. Vanraj hears them and leaves. Devika runs after him to calm him down. Anuj romantically tells Anupam to protect herself from his romantic surroundings. Family and guests gathered for the Sangeet Pakhi and Adhik ceremony. Anuj plays the drums. Vanraj asks everyone how is his daughter snow. Leela praises it. Devika says he ruined her plan. Vanraj reacts. Hasmukh asks them to stop fighting and enjoy the function else he will throw them both out.

Adhik notices Pakhi’s upset and asks the reason. Pakhi says Devika used to brag a lot but her Sangeet decoration is so cheap and not in the market. Adhik asks her not to spoil her mood and enjoy the function. Pakhi thinks that Devika will also destroy the wedding decorations like this. The Kapadias and Shahs plan to compete in the Sangeet Dance Competition. Barkha Comments On Vanraj And Vanraj Gives Her A Befitting Reply And Shuts Her Mouth. Barkha’s guests comment that they thought Barkha would plan her brother’s wedding, but it’s that simple. Barkha says Adhik’s wife is special and says she will introduce her to them. She walks in on Adhik and Pakhi and notices that Pakhi gets angry when Adhik gets an office call during their selfie session. He provokes Pakhi and says that Adhik is not Anuj’s servant, that he has to work even during the Sangeet ceremony.

She introduces Pakhi to her friends, who congratulate her on becoming an elite Bahu family and invite her to be part of their Kitty Party group. Pakhi enthusiastically agrees. Bhavesh and Kanta before leaving Meet Pakhi, bless her and offer her a gift. Pakhi feels embarrassed and asks little Anu to take them and offer them food. Barkh’s friends ask who the strange people were. Pakhi Rudely tells some random relatives and continues chatting with them. Anupama gets angry hearing this. Kavya stops her and says that even she heard what Pakhi said but she should forget her mistake on her Sangeet Day. Anupama says Pakhi did this on purpose and she shouldn’t let her arrogance continue. He goes to Barkha’s friends and says that these 2 random relatives are Pakhis Mama/Uncle and Naani/Grandma and her brother and mother.

Pakhi smokes and goes to see Anupam. She says she felt embarrassed seeing Bhavesh and Kant’s clothes and if they couldn’t afford proper clothes, we should have sent them some party clothes. She asks her to tell them not to attend her wedding with such a simple outfit. Anupama warns her not to dare to insult her mother and brother and to respect relationships and not their wealth. Pakhi says Why bother. Anupama says that the daughter feels bad hearing her mother’s insult, although it is normal for Pakhi. She tries to explain to Pakhi not to fall for the glitter of money and respect. Pakhi arrogantly yells at him to stop scaring her and leaves saying she is surrounded by stupid old women. Barkha smiles as she listens to their conversation standing outside. Vanraj, Anuj and Devika share a lighter moment and enjoy the party. Kavya notices Anupama saying something is changing for good, Anupama says she is afraid something will go wrong.


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