Anupamaa 12th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Anu gives dance tips to Adhik, Gk, Ankush and Anuj. GK asks Anu why is she repeating the step. Anu Tells Samar sent her video to make them practice the easy steps and he will make them learn the difficult one. She asks Kapadia to practice for Pakhi and Adhik’s Sangeet. Anu asks Anuj to dance properly. Anuj assures Anu. Anupama praises Ana for her efforts. Barkha says dancing should be energetic. Anupama likes to dance. Anupama takes a call from Samar and asks Kapadia to visit Shah House with her. Barkha decided to stay back and check on the house staffs.

Pakhi falls. Vanraj tries to help Pakhi. Pakhi cries for forgiveness. Vanraj leave the place. Samar And Paritosh Cheer Up Pakhi. Pakhi thinks Vanraj will never forgive her. Samar And Paritosh Dance With Pakhi. Kavya Smirk Sees Vanraj. Shahs And Kapadia’s Enjoys With Pakhi, Samar and Paritosh. Pakhi look for Adhika. Anuj tells Pakhi that Adhik will join them later. Leela asks Anupama to convince Vanraj to join the function. Anupama Reply To Leela That Every Time She Can’t Go To Vanraj And Beg Him.

Anuj goes to Vanraj. He asks Vanraj to go to Mumbai and do his important work and save time. Anuj applies reverse phycology to Vanraj. Leela asks Anuj if he went to convince Vanraj or he went to ignite his anger. Anuj asks Leela and Kavya to wait for the result. Pakhi asks Adhik to come for their Sangeet. Adhik says he has an important meeting. Barkha Minapulate Pakhi and says Anuj and Anupama deliberately send Adhik to office. Pakhi gets upset.

Elsewhere, Vanraj is restless to see Sangeet preparing Pakhi. He decides to leave for Mumbai. Vanraj tells Pakhi and the Shahs that he doesn’t want to spoil anyone’s mood by leaving like this. He assures that he will join them at the wedding and bless the couple. Pakhi sings an emotional song to stop Vanraj. Shahs and Kapadias cost tears.

Anupama asks Vanraj to remember the day he was happy on Pakhi’s birth. He tries to convince Vanraj to stop because of Pakhi’s Fake. Anuj Comfort Anupam. Pakhi tells Vanraj that he was a good father but she always let him down. She calls herself bad.


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