Anupama 6th April 2023 Written Update: Anupama gives back to society


In the latest episode of the TV show, Anupama is seen praying to God while Kanta asks her what she is thinking about. Anupama thanks Kanta and Bhavesh for boosting her morale when she lost both hope and strength. She says that Bhavesh stood firm for her despite being younger. Anupama then informs Kanta that she has to meet someone and decides to cook Navratri food. However, Bhavesh complains that he hasn’t eaten in the last two days because of Anupama.

Meanwhile, Vanraj gets ready for work while Anupama thinks about Anuj. Barkha changes the decoration of Anuj’s house and thinks that the Kapadia house belongs to her. Anupama misses Anu and Anuj and wishes for Anu’s happiness. Anuj decides to call Anupama, but later changes his mind.

Vanraj gathers the Shahs and announces that he got a job after being jobless for the last two years. Everyone is happy for him, and Vanraj takes the blessings of Leela and Hasmuk. Meanwhile, Anuj is restless and wants to talk to Anupama, but Maya interrupts him.

Anupama faces society, and the ladies there raise questions about her relationship with Anuj. The episode ends with Anupama asking Maya to let her talk to Anuj or Anu, but Maya hangs up. Vanraj catches Anupama on her mobile.


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