Anupama 5th November 2022 Written Update: Pakhi’s unusual demand


In today’s episode, Hasmuk says that Vanraj will give permission so they should plan Pakhi and Adhika’s wedding. Kavya asks Anuj and Anupam to get ready for the wedding. Hasmuk asks Anupama as a mother if she has any plan for Pakhia’s wedding. Anupama says right now she wants Pakhi to leave Shah House with all due respect. Vanraj leave the place. Anuj sends Anupam to Vanraj. Anupama tries to convince Vanraj to support Pakhi as she cannot stay angry with him for long. She asks Vanraj to be with Pakhi so that she makes less mistakes. Vanraj says he was with Pakhi but she disrespected him in front of everyone.

Hasmuk thanks Anuj for handling Pakhi’s matter. Anuj says she can do all the rituals but she doesn’t want to steal Vanraj’s paternity. Anupama talks to Vanraj and says that children have an influence on their surroundings. She cited that she had failed as a mother. Anupama regrets not giving Pakhi time when she needed it the most. She adds that she was fighting her own battles instead of giving time to Pakhi. Anupama holds herself and Vanraj responsible for Pakhi’s drastic step. Vanraj asks Anupama if she is confident that Adhik will not betray Pakhi. Anupama says no one can take such a guarantee.

Pakhi wishes Vanraj to agree to her proper wedding. Adhik console Pakhi. Anupama tries to convince Vanraj to be wholeheartedly involved in Pakhi’s wedding. He asks Vanraj if he will come to Pakhia’s wedding or not. Vanraj leave the place. Anupama asks God to give Vanraj some brain. Ankush asks Anuj and Anupama about Shah’s reaction to the proposal. Anupama tells Pakhi that Shahs agreed. Pakhi hugs Anupam. She asks if Vanraj will forgive her. Anuj asks Pakhi to be patient.

Barkha stands stunned. He thinks how Shahs can prepare for Pakhi and Adhika’s wedding. Ankush asks about the wedding date. Anupama says Shahs will let them know. Jignesh asks Hasmuk and Leela why they were absent. Leela tells Jignesh that they went to the pandit to fix the wedding date. Kavya worries how they will manage everything in a short time. Samar and Paritosh ask Kavya not to worry. Leela thanks Anuj and Anupam for their marriage proposal. Anupama cries thinking about Pakhi’s marriage. Anuj console Anupam. He wishes Vanraj and Barkha to agree to the marriage. Barkha thinks Adhik can’t ruin her plan. He decides to secure his future. Samar and Paritosh break down in tears thinking about Pakhia’s farewell.

Adhik helps Anu and Anupam to do their homework. Anuj and Pakhi adore Anu, Anupama and Adhik. [episode ends]

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