Anupama 4th November 2022 Written Update: Adhik over smarts Barkha

In today’s episode, Anupama checks on Anu. She put Ana to sleep. Anu is looking for Anupam. Pakhi sees Anupam. She remembered Adhik’s word. Adhik wants Pakhi to sleep separately until their family accepts them. Pakhi praises Adhik. He reveals to Adhik that he respects him a lot. Adhik demands Pakhi to talk to Anupama. Pakhi decides to talk to Anupama. He tells Adhik that until everything falls into place, he will sleep with Anu.

Anupama sees Pakhi. Pakhi tells Anupam about Adhik’s request. She further asks Anupam to put her to sleep as well. Pakhi shares her fear with Anupama and cries. He pours out his heart and admits that he feels lonely even though he is with her. Pakhi asks Anupama to hug her. Anupama hugs Pakhi. Pakhi and Anupama burst into tears. Anuj spots Anupam with Anu and Pakhi. He takes away the evil eye from Anupama.

The next day, Vanraj searches for Pakhi. The Shahs sit stunned. Vanraj remembers Pakhi’s wedding. He remembers throwing Pakhi out of the house. Vanraj gets angry and asks Shahs to stop the party song. Samar tells Vanraj that someone else is playing the song. Hasmuk tells Leela that Vanraj will take some time to adjust to the change. Samar, Vanraj wish each other Happy New Year. Paritosh returns home. Vanraj asks Paritosh how he came back early. Paritosh says he couldn’t control himself after learning about Pakhi. He says he can’t believe that Pakhi repeated the same mistake as him.

Pakhi and Adhik wish Anupam, Anuj, Barkha and Ankush a Happy New Year. Adhik asks Anuj to check if there is any suitable job for him in his company. He says he wants to take Pakhi’s responsibility. Anuj decided to help Adhik. Adhik and Pakhi thank Anuj. Barkha called Adhik’s attempt fake. Adhik and Barkha argue with each other. Anupama asks Adhik and Barkha not to fight on the first day of new year.

Anuj further tells Pakhi and Adhik that she along with Anupama will talk to Shahy about them. Samar, Kavya and Paritosh ask Shahs to relax. Vanraj misses Pakhi. Kavya asks Vanraj if he will ever forgive Pakhima. Vanraj says he is yet to decide. Kavya asks Leela to talk to Vanraj. Leela says Pakhi hurt Vanraj badly. Vanraj Miss Pakhi. Samar and Paritosh comfort Vanraj. Both try to convince Vanraj to accept Pakhi and Adhik’s relationship.

Barkha confronts Adhika about using Pakhi for her own benefit. Adhik fails in Barkh’s plan to imprison him. He asks Barkha to stay away from him and Pakhi. Barkha decided to expose Adhika. Anuj, Anupama talks to the Shahs about Pakhi and Adhik’s wedding. Vanraj rejected Anuj and Anupam’s proposal. [episode ends]

Prequel: Pakhi demands a destination wedding. Anupama refuses a grand wedding.

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