Anupama 4th April 2023 Written Update: Kanta demand Anupama to move on


In today’s episode, Kanta tells Maya that today is the second day of Navrati. Goddess Brahmcharini is known from sacrifices, she adds that Anupam’s love is the same. Anupama and Anuj are separated but reunite. Kanta says that Anuj has distanced himself from Anupama but he will never love anyone but her daughter. She says she is old, she sees Anuj, Anupama will meet soon. Maya says she will see. Anuj decided to move in with his friend. Maya asks Anuj if he is sure he wants to leave. Anuj tells Maya that he will send her his friends address and expects her to send Anu to meet him. He adds that he will not inform Ana about his departure or she will cry. Maya thinks Anuj is leaving but her love soon brings him back home.

Anupama is waiting for Kant. Kanta is coming. Anupama asks Kant if Anuj has forgiven her. She asks if Anuj and Anu came with her. Anupama asks Kant if Anu missed her. She asks if Anuj still blames her for everything. Anupama asks Kant to say what Anuj said. Kanta tells Anupam that Anuj said many things. He tells Anupam that Anuj refused to come back. Kanta tells Anupam that Anuj will never come back as she cannot stay away from Anu. She told Anupama that Anuj wants her to move on. Anupama tells Kant that she is not telling the truth as Anuj can never leave her. Kanta tells Anupam that he is telling the truth. Anupama breaks down. Bhavesh and Kanta console Anupam. Anupama says it is over. Kanta tells Anupam that no one is important in life. She adds that before Anuj entered her life, she was living. Anupama locks herself in the room.

Bhavesh and Kanta take care of Anupam. Anupama breaks down thinking that everything is over and destroyed. Bhavesh asks Kant why she revealed the truth to Anupam. Kanta says that as a mother she knows when to give a child bitter medicine. Bhavesh and Kanta ask Anupam to unlock the door. Kanta decides to leave Anupama alone. Anupama worries and wonders how she will survive without Anuj.

The Shahs are worried about Anupam. They learn that Vanraj went to see Anupama because he was worried about her. Leela and Kavya confront Vanraj. Vanraj says that Anupama was broken and he is worried that she will do something wrong. She confesses in front of Shahs that she doesn’t see Anupam like that and wants to support her. Hasmuk asks Vanraj to stay away from Anupama and not add to her troubles. Vanraj says he wants to help Anupam. Hasmuk says Kanta and others are there to support Anupama. Anupama humiliated herself. He shares with Kanta and Bhavesh that he wants to die. [episode ends]

Introduction: Kanta convinces Anupama to live. Anupama decided to start over.


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