Anupama 31st March 2023 Written Update: Kanta bashes Shahs


In today’s episode, Anupama gets upset. Bhavesh asks Anupama to eat. He asks Anupam to taste and tell how he cooks. Anupama refuses to eat. Bhavesh tells Anupam that she faced hardship than why she is weak this time. He adds that he can see her Kanto and is getting strength. Bhavesh says they can’t see her broken. Anupama refuses to eat. He tells Anupam that Kanta also didn’t have food even though he is hungry. Bhavesh insists that Anupama eat. Anupama refuses. Bhavesh asks Anupma to feed him as he knows he cannot be hungry for long. Anupama feeds Bhavesh food. Bhavesh asks Anupam to eat too.

Kanta asks Anupam to eat so they can eat too. He adds that Bhavesh made kichadi with love. Anupama eats for Kant and Bhavesh. Kanta and Bhavesh take care of Anupam. Anupama is sleeping. Bhavesh tells kant that how long Anupama has to bear the pain. Kanta tells Bhavesh that Anupama can’t take the pain anymore. He says Anupama will rise and shine and give her wings this time. Kanta says Anupama’s new chapter will start soon.

Anuj dreams of Anupama waking him up and wishing him Happy Navratri. He wonders if he left Anupama at home or carried her in his heart. Anuj sat confused. Anu comes and asks Anuj if he fought with Anupama. Anuj asks Anu why she is saying like that. Anu says Anupama’s mobile is switched off, she would also come to meet her. Anuj asks about Anupam. Anu says Anupama is the best mother in the world. He asks Anuj to call Anupam. Maya asks Anu not to trouble Anuj. Anu asks Maya why Anupama is not here. Maya says because of Navratri. Anu says Anupama can leave any work for her. Maya is jealous.

Kanta asks Anupam to wake up and start again. Anupama asks Kant why every time he has to bear pain. He gets emotional. Kanta boosts Anupam’s morale. Anupam wait for Anuj’s call. Kanta asks Anupam not to take Anuj’s call. She further thinks that for Anupama to be strong, she has to become stronger.

Barkha tells Ankush that she has a meeting with investors. Adhik joins Barkha and Ankush. Barkha asks Adhika to attend the meeting with Ankush. Ankush asks Adhik if Pakhi has calmed down. Barkha asks Adhik not to worry about Pakhi and she talks to her. Ankush says if they rush things. He says they should find Anuj, Anupam. Barkha says Anupama is with kanta and Anuj is with Maya. Anuksh stands stunned

Anuj decided to leave the house. Maya insists Anuj to stay back. Kanta and Bhavesh ask Anupam to start again. [episode ends]

Introduction: Anuj begs Kant to ask Anupama to move on in her life. Anupama is waiting for Anuj.


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