Anupama 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Adhik and Pakhi faces Barkha’s wrath


In today’s episode, Anupama along with Anuj, Adhik and Barkah reach the Kapadia mansion. Barkha stands angrily at the door. It breaks things. Pakhi hides behind Anupama. Barkha shouts at Adhika. Anuj sends Ana to her room. Adhik and Pakhi question how dare they visit the Kapadia house. Anuj asks Barkh not to create a scene outside. Barkha lashed out at Adhika for secretly marrying Pakhi. Ankush tries to calm Barkha down. Barkha says that Adhika and Pakhi’s marriage will not work for long. Pakhi cries. Barkha tells Pakhi that her life will be miserable in the Kapadia house. Anupama warns Barkha. Barkha says no one can stop her from quoting the fact. Adds the well mannered Adhik and he knows her well. Barkha claims that Adhik does not love Pakhi and married her with an ulterior motive. Adhik shouts at Barkha.

Barkha tells Pakhi that she raised Adhika and if she can betray her sister, she can betray her too. She shouts at Pakhi and Adhika. Barkha asks Pakhi and Adhik to leave the place. Anuj and Anupama reveal that they have taken responsibility for Pakhi and Adhik. Anupama says they are equally angry with Adhika and Pakhi but they can’t leave them on the road. Barkha leaves the place. Anuj welcome Adhika and Pakhi to the house. Anupama is confused to welcome Adhik and Pakhi. Adhik and Pakhi receive blessings from Ankush, Anuj and Anupama. Barkha refuses to give her blessings to Adhik and Pakhi. He warns Pakhi and says that Adhik will break her trust. Barkha again says that their marriage will not work for more than 6 months. Anuj asks Adhik to take Pakhi to his room. He adds that Barkha challenged them and now they have to prove her wrong. Anuj asks Adhik and Pakhi to gain the family’s trust.

Anupama prays to God for Pakhi and Adhika’s happy married life. He blesses both. Barkha is crying in her room. He regrets loving Adhik more than Sara. Barkha feels betrayed. Anupama advised Pakhi and Adhik not to let Anuj down as he took their responsibility. He lectures Pakhi and Adhik about marriage.

Anupama tells Pakhi and Adhik that one has to face problems in marriage. He asks them to overcome obstacles honestly. Pakhi and Adhik assure Anupam that they will not let them down. Anupama says Anuj has taken responsibility for Adhik and Pakhi. Now she adds that Anuj will take care of Pakhi and Adhik. Anupama cries thinking about Adhik and Pakhi. [episode ends]

Precap; Anupama worries if Pakhi’s wedding will not go well. Barkha tells Ankush that Adhik will use and throw Pakhi.


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