Anupama 2nd April 2023 Written Update: Kanta learns about Anuj


In today’s episode, Samar asks Kanta to inform Anupam about Anuj as she was restless. He asks Kant if he is going to inform or should he come. Kanta says she will tell. He informs Anupam that Anuj is in Mumbai with Maya. Anupama stands stunned. Kanta tells Anupam that Anuj has made a big mistake. Samar angrily hits the wall. The Shahs sit bewildered. Leela asks Samar why she is taking out Anuj’s anger on a nail. Samar says Anuj is also taking out Maya’s anger on Anupam. Vanraj asks Samar to check. Samar tells Leela if everyone wants to keep Anupam in the dark like Anuj.

Kinjal and Kavya support Anuj. Kavya says men are opportunists. Vanraj asks if he is talking about Anirudh. Leela blames Anuj. Paritosh side Leela. Kinjal asks Samar who informed him about Anuj. Samar says Barkha accepted Maya’s message. Pakhi asks Samar not to trust Barkha as she is smart. All the spices and Dimple. Samar warns Pakhi to talk bad about Dimple. Pakhi asks Samar why she keeps Dimple’s character certificate with her. Samar side Dimple. Leela asks Samar to stop taking Dimple’s name.

Kanta tells Anupam that she was worried about Anuja and he chills with Maya. Anupama tells Kant that Anuj is not in his way. Kanta adds one love to the relationship a little more than the other. She tells Anupam that her love for Anuja is more than his. Anupama page Anuj. He says he married a divorcee who is a mother of three. Kanta asks about Anuj and says he can’t believe he never touched a girl or had a girlfriend for 26 years. Anupama tells Kant that she won’t let her talk bad about Anuja.

Paritosh talks to Kinjal and says that he never liked Anuj. He says Anuja’s true face is coming out. Kinjal asks Paritosh not to judge Anuj. Paritosh says if Anuj went to Maya, Anupama should also come back with Vanraj. Kinjal asks Paritosh if he has learned from his mistake. Paritosh thinks what is wrong when Anupama returns to Shah’s house.

Anupama and Bhavesh pray. Anuj decided to leave. Maya tries to stop Anuj. Kanta visits Maya’s place. She confronts Anuj. Anupama gets angry with Kant for visiting Anuj. Bhavesh consoles Anupam. Vanraj visits Anupam’s place. Bhavesh talks rudely to Vanraj. Vanraj tells Anupam that he will be there with her as a friend. Bhavesh asks Vanraj about his friendship which everyone knows. He makes Vanraj remember how he tried to benefit Malvicha’s friendship.

Bhavesh asks Anupam not to believe Vanraj. Anupama is worried about Kantu. Kanta asks Anuj why he married Anupama when he left her. He questions Anuja’s love. [episode ends]


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