Anupama 29th March 2023 Written Update: Anuj bumps into Maya


In today’s episode, Vanraj returns back home. Devika thinks they have no idea where to find Anupam, Anuj. Vanraj says Anupama is fine. Samar asks Vanraj how he knows this. Pakhi asks Vanraj if Anupama is fine. Hasmuk asks Vanraj why he didn’t bring her home. Devika confronts Vanraj why he left Anupama alone. Paritosh asks Vanraj to say that. Vanraj tells everyone that Anupama is doing good. Devika asks Vanraj how can he leave her alone. Vanraj asks Devika to stop blaming him as if she is so responsible than why she slept when Anupama left. He adds that everyone considers him as Anupama’s enemy, but only he enemy knows where he can be. Vanraj says only he knows Anupam well. Kavya says what about Anuj. Dhiraj, Devika and others take care of Anuj, Anupam

The auto driver asks Anuj if she wants to die. He asks Anuj to get out of his way. Anuj forcibly sit in the car. Anuje recognizes her own car and picks it up. Anupama does not see Anuj. Anupama reaches Kant’s house. It breaks in her arm. Anupama tells Kant that her house has broken again. She says Anu and Anuj left her alone. Anupama asks Kant where she should find Anuj, Anu. Anuj wakes up in Mumbai.

Kanta takes care of Anupam. Anupama tells Kant that she is afraid if Anuj will go so far that he will never come back to her. Kanta console Anupama. Anuj tries to meet Maya. Maya’s guard says Maya won’t meet a beggar and shoves him. Maya spots Anuj on the road. Anupama takes care of Anuj.

Maya brings Anuj to her house. She tells Anu that Anu is going to the beach to play with her friends. Anuj sits unresponsive. Maya asks Anuj to speak. He recalls flashbacks of Anuj, Anu and Anupam. Anupama prays for Anuja’s good health. Anu returns home. Anuj is happy to see Anu. Anu is happy to see Anuj too. Anuj, Anu hugs. Anu tells Anuj that she missed her. Next, he searches for Anupam. Anu asks Anuj if Anupama came to meet her. Anuj says he is here for her.

Anupama prays for Anuja’s happiness. He asks God to take care. Hasmuk wait for Anupam’s call. Leela returns. Kavya hugs Leela. Leela asks why everyone is sad. Kavya tells Leela that Anuj, Anupama are missing. Leela asks Shahs if anyone knows where Anupama is, Anuj. Vanraj says no.

Anupama dances and remembers Anuj’s hatred towards her. Kanta takes care of Anupam. He asks Anupama to let Anu go as he didn’t understand. Kanta blames her upbringing. He decides to support Anupam. Kanta vows not to let anything bad happen to Anupam. He blames Anuj. [episode ends]

Introduction: Maya decides not to let go of Anuj. Anupama is waiting for Anuj.


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