Anupama 28th March 2023 Written Update: Anupama rejects Vanraj


In today’s episode Vanraj tells Anupam that she said Anuj is different but there is no difference. He says all men are the same. Vanraj tells Anupam that every husband has expectations, even Anuj. He says that Anuj tried to accept her children but ran away when it was overboard. Vanraj says Anuj was looking for an opportunity to distance himself and Anu became the reason. She adds Anuja’s 26 years of love for her which eclipsed Anuja’s few months of love. Vanraj says that all husbands are the same with time love for children increases and for wives decreases. He accuses Anupam of treating Anuj as a god. Vanraj tells Anupam that Anuj is the same and she should understand that. He further asks Anupam to come back to him.

Anuj comes out of the temple. He feels Anupam’s presence. Anupama refuses to go with Vanraj. Vanraj tries to convince Anupama to come. Anupama tells Vanraj that she will bear the pain Anuj is giving her but will not share it with a stranger. He adds that Anuj was heartbroken so he took an extreme step. Anupama asks Vanraj to take care of his house instead of taking care of her. She says his worries are none of her business. Anupama asks Vanraj to come home. Vanraj tells Anupam that he was just trying to help. Anupama says she didn’t ask him for help. Vanraj adds that she helped him in his weak moment in the past. Anupama says she doesn’t want his help. Vanraj asks Anupama what she will do if she fails to find Anuj. Anupama gets angry with Vanraj for thinking otherwise. He says he will find Anuj and God will surely help.

Pakhi decided to go back to her house. Barkha stops Adhik from chasing Pakhi. He tells Adhik that Pakhi will come back after cooling down. Adhik decided to look for Anupam, Anuj. Barkha wishes Anuj, Anupama don’t come back. Ankush says Anuj, Anupama will meet again and will also come back. Anuj, Anupama walking on the road shattered. Anupama thinks that she will definitely bond with Anuj one day. Anuja’s insides show him a mirror. Anuj tried to say that he did wrong by disrespecting Anupama and her love. Anuj refuses to believe that he was wrong. He says why father’s pain is not considered. Anuj says no one counts dad’s emotions. He says that no one appreciates a father’s breakdown more than a mother.

Anuja’s alter ego tells him that he is angry with himself and punishes Anupam. He asks Anuj to go back to Anupama. Anuj decided to go far away from Anupama. The car smashed Anupama. [episode ends]

Introduction: Anupama shares her pain with Kanta. Anuj bumps into Maya.


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