Anupama 26th March 2023 Written Update: Anuj, Anupama goes missing


In today’s episode, Anupama thinks that Dhiraj will bring back Anuj. She says she will die without Anuj. Anupama is waiting for Anuj. She imagines Anuj in her room. Anupama thinks Anuj will come back. She thinks Anuj is apologizing for leaving her. Back to reality; Anupama is looking for Anuj. Devika asks Anupama what happened. Anupama tells Device that Anuj is back. Devika asks Anupam to take control as Anuj has not returned yet. Samar, Dimple, Pakhi, Adhik try to stop Anupam after which she ran towards the door. Anupama says Anuj can’t leave her. Devika tells Anupam that Anuj did not come. Anupama tells Device that Anuj has to come back. He says he has to come back for her.

Anuj takes care of Anupam. Dhiraj finds Anuj. He tells Anuj that Anupama fainted when he left the house. Dhiraj tells Anuja that he used to take care of Anu and now Anupam too. He tries to convince Anuj to come back home. Dhiraj tells Anuja that he cannot live without Anupama. Anuj refuse to return home. Dhiraj asks Anuj to come to his house. Anuj refuse to return. He says he remembers Ana in the Kapadia mansion. Dhiraj is adamant. He sits next to Anuj and says he will return only with the mail he comes with.

Samar is falling apart. Dimple hugs Samar. Samar tells Dimple that Anupam’s house is collapsing again. He adds that luck always has a problem with Anupama. Dimple says seeing Anupam and Anuj, she is worried about their marriage. Samar asks Dimple what he means. Dimple says she saw her marriage and now she sees Anupam, Anuj’s. He is afraid of marriage.

Anupama asks Devika if Anuj is coming back. Devika tells Anupam that Dhiraj is with Anuj and asked him to wait. Anupama tells Device that Anuj is not coming back. He says it’s all over now. The next day, Devika searches for Anupam. Dhiraj is looking for Anuj. Kapadias decoded Anupam also left the house. Dhiraj is looking for Anuj. He receives a voice note from Anuj. Anuj asks Dhiraj not to find him and take care of Devika and Anupama. Dhiraj and Devika are looking for Anupam, Anuj.

Pakhi asks Adhik to bring back Anupama. Adhik assures Pakhi. Barkha decided to overtake Kapadia Mansion. Pakhi confronts Barkha. He asks Barkha to stop showing true colors. Pakhi gives Barkha an earful. Adhik asks Pakhi why she is furious with Barkha. Pakhi reveals to Adhik that Barkha is trying to overtake Anupam’s position in the office. Adhik asks Barkha to show humanity. Barkha blames Shahs for Anupama, Anuj’s broken relationship. He further asks Adhika and Pakhi to stay at the Kapadia mansion. Anuj, Anupama walks down the road devastated. [episode ends]

Introduction: Anupama pleads with God to send Anuj. Vanraj stuns Anupam.


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