Anupama 24th March 2023 Written Update: Anupama tries to woo Anuj


In today’s episode, Anupam asks Anuj not to leave. Devika asks Anupama to let Anu go as he will return when his anger cools down. Anupama says father has made up his mind so they have to stop Anuja from leaving. Dhiraj tells Device that love gives pain. Anuj adds, Anupam’s love is strong and they will come back stronger. Anupama locks the room door to prevent Anuja from leaving.

Kavya tells Hasmuk that he is getting tension from Anupama so he is restless. Hasmuk decided to visit Anupama. Vanraj asks Hasmuk to keep calm. Samar decides to call Anupam. Hasmuk decided to talk to Anupama. Samar says Anupama is not picking up the call. He decides to call Dimple. Dimple ignores Samar’s call. Hasmuk is worried about Anupam. Devika asks Barkha when everyone supported Anupama, why didn’t she stand up. Barkha says Anupama is wrong so she didn’t support her. She adds that she warned Anupama several times not to bring Maya home, but she destroyed everything herself. Devika claims that Barkha was manipulated by Anuj. He says not everyone can understand Anupam’s good heart. Ankush asks Devika not to blame Barkha for Anupam’s act. He stands behind Barkh.

Anupama calls Anuj. Anuj is packing her bag. Anupama tells Anuja that he cannot go alone. He adds that they should both take a break and go together. She’s also packing her bag. Devika is worried about Anupama. She says she can’t bear Anupam if Anuj leaves. Dhiraj consoles Devika. Pit supply water to Devika. He gets emotional. Dhiraj asks Dimple not to worry as everything will be fine. Devika worries what will happen if Anupama doesn’t stop Anuj. Dhiraj asks Devika not to think negatively.

Pakhi accuses Anuj of being rude when Anupama is in the same pain of losing Anu. Adhik stands up to Anuj and says that even the perfect person in the world can make a mistake. Anupama tries to console Anuj. He tries to make Anuj remember his good times.

Ankush asks Barkha what she thinks. Barkha says post Anuj will leave; Adhik and Ankush will have to take over the Kapadia Empire. Anupama tells Anuja that he was well aware of his responsibility for the Shahs and still accepted her. She begs Anuj not to leave her. Anupama tells Anuj that she cannot leave her. She tells Anuja that she will die if she leaves. Anupama asks Anuj to talk to her. Anuj refuse to respond. [episode ends]

Precap; Anuj tells Anupam that no one can bridge their broken relationship. Anupama faints after Anuj left. Samar informs the Shahs that Anuj has left home. Vanraj likes to hear news.


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