Anupama 1st April 2023 Written Update: Kanta takes a stand


In today’s episode, Anupama reminisces about the past with Anuj and tries to write anything. Kanta sees Anupam. Shahs meet Anupam. Anupama breaks down. Hugs Hasmuk. Kanta gets upset seeing Shahs. Leela tells Anupam that since Navratri is going on, she got Prasad for her. Anupama plays with Pari. Pakhi ties an auspicious thread on Anupam’s hand. Kanta gets upset seeing Shahs in her house. Hasmuk tells Kant that they were worried about Anupam so he came to see her. Vanraj adds that whatever Kanta said was bitter but true. Leela tells Kant it was very bitter but true. He says he will apologize to Anupam on behalf of Shahs. Anupama looks at Kant. Hasmuk asks Anupama not to worry as it is common among elders.

Kavya, Kinjal, Paritosh and others apologize to Anupam for still calling her. They ask Anupam to forgive her. Kanta says Shahs has done that drama before. He says this time he wants Shahs to do something. Paritosh tells Anupama that they are with her in her bad phase. Kinjal tells Anupam that Anuj can’t live without her and she knows he will come back. Leela tells Anupam that Shah’s house belongs to her and she can stay. Kanta alerts Leela. Leela asks Anupam not to come and stay. Kavya, Pakhi and Samar ask Anupam not to worry as Anuj will be back. Anupama says there is no hope left. Now she adds that she wants Anuj to be fine wherever he is. Pakhi decides to stay with Anupama. Vanraj comes to apologize to Anupam. Kanta asks the Shahs why they are coming with their personal apology. He adds that the Shahs apologize that they understand. Hasmuk and Leela ask Kant to let everyone talk. Vanraj apologizes to Anupam for his behavior. She asks Anupama to call him if she ever needs him. Pakhi thinks that Vanraj is still trying to take advantage of the situation.

Shahs asks Anupam to take care. Leela asks Anupam not to think that everyone is good like her. Kanta think specially Leela. Samar hugs Anupam. Anupama asks Samar if he got to know anything about Anuj. Anupama tries to write her heart on paper. She is not doing well. Anuj also remembers Anupam. Maya thinks that Anuj is writing poetry which is a good sign. Kanta takes Anupam to worship. Ladies discuss about Anuj, Anupama. Kanta listens to the ladies who were talking about Anuj, Anupam’s relationship. She asks the ladies not to talk about her daughter else she also knows what is going on in their house. Kanta supports Anupam. He walks hand in hand with Anupama. Samar informed Kant that Anuj is in Mumbai with Maya. [episode ends]


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