Anupama 18th March 2023 Written Update


In today’s episode, Anuj tells Anupam that Anu has left forever. It will break. Maya sees Anu seeing pictures of Anuj, Anupam. He asks Anu why she is so sad. She asks Anu if she misses Anuj, Anupama. Anu says a lot. Maya says it will happen in the beginning and she will get used to it. Anu tells Maya that Anupama and Anuj were always there with her. She says she has no idea how important Anupam was to Anuj. She is crying. Maya asks Ana not to cry. He asks Anu if she wants to go back to Anuj, Anupama.

Anuj shares with Anupam that he failed to give love to Anu. He says they failed to win Anu’s heart and thinks their love has failed. Anuj says he was an orphan like Anu. He adds that his parents left and now his daughter. Anuj calls himself a bad father. Anupama asks Anuj not to humiliate himself. Anuj says he has failed as a father. He adds that one day he has to say goodbye to his daughter, but not like this. Anuj is crying.

Maya asks Anu if she wants to go back to Anuj, Anupama. He asks Ana not to worry about her as she can stay alone but her happiness matters. Anu tells Maya that she will not leave her alone. Maya hugs Ana. He says he will give her so much love that she will forget about Anuj, Anupam. Anu tells Maya that she doesn’t want to forget Anuj, Anupam. She asks Maya if Anuj, Anupama can come to meet her. Maya assures Anu that Anuj, Anupama can make a video call and can also visit her.

Anuj cries and thinks that he has failed as a father. Anupam console. Get some sleep. Anupama tries to wake up Anuj. Anuj ignores Anupam. Ankush and Barkha ask Anuj to go to the office. Anuj plays with Anu’s toy and sees her video. Vanraj and Leela are stunned to see Kavya and Anirudh together. Hasmuk supports Anirudh and Kavya.

Anupama hugs Hasmuk. She shares with Hasmuk that Anuj stopped talking to her and talks about Anu all day. Anuj ignores Anupam. Anupama asks Anuj to talk else his silence will take him away from her. Barkha, Dimple consoles Anupam. Barkha says Anuj is losing her mind after Anu left. Adds Anuj, Anupam’s relationship is getting affected. Anupama breaks down.

Anu calls Anuj, Anupama. Anuj, Anupama is happy. They ask Ana to visit her. Anuj takes a screenshot of Anu. Anupama decides to cure Anuja’s pain or she will fall into depression. Anuj ignores Anupam’s post and tries to talk to him.


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