Anupama 12th April 2023 Written Update: Vanraj manipulates Anupama


In today’s episode, Anupama wipes her tears and breathes fresh bandeya plays. She smiled and left. Paritosh, Kinjal, Pakhi and Samar see Anupam. Pakhi asks Samar and Dimple if they both are happy. Samar shouts at Pakhi. Pakhi tells Samar that she was wrong, but Samar has been put in a bad light because of Dimple. Samar asks Pakhi to stop. Pakhi and Samar argue with each other. Kinjal asks Pakhi and Samar to end the fight. Dimple tells Samar that her divorce will be final by the next hearing. Kinjal, Paritosh and Pakhi leave.

Anupama decided to get another dance poster. Discusses digital print poster maker. Anupama thinks she will start again. She prepared a poster. The man asks about Anupam’s address on the poster. Anupama asks to leave the space blank and will fill it later. He smiles when he sees the poster. Anupama thinks Anuj also liked the poster. She thinks that Anuj is not with her, yet she is there with him. Anupama thinks that what Anuj has done for her, no one in the world has done. He says no one can do what he did. Anupama thinks that Anuja’s love has changed her and now she will fulfill his dream. She gets emotional remembering her moment with Anu. Anupama confesses her love for Anuj. He clicks on a picture of himself with his wings open.

Anuj sat devastated and thought about Vanraj’s word. Barkha decides to call Anuja to discuss the company account. He decides to call Anuja. Maya takes the call on Anuj’s behalf. Barkha asks Maya to call Anuja. Maya tells Barkha that Anuj is not at home. He tells Barkha about Anuj’s meeting with Vanraj. Barkha taunts Maya for tearing Anuj away from Anupama. He suggests Maya to join Anuja.

Vanraj decided to become Anupam’s friend. He decides to do everything he failed to do as a husband. Ankush asks Barkha if she is trying to break Anuja’s house for her own benefit. Barkha says because she wants to save Kapadia Empire.

Anupama is about to fall and Vanraj holds her. Vanraj gift saree to Anupam. Anupama refuses to take the saree. Vanraj tries to manipulate Anupama and says that Anuj has moved on with Maya. Anupama asks Varaj why he is informing her about Anuj. Vanraj tells Anupam that as a friend he wanted to inform him. He says he can accept his support if he wants. Anupama says she has other people around her who pour out their hearts. It further disintegrates. [episode ends]

Introduction: Kanta and Bhavesh ask Anupama to start dance classes at their house. Anuj is angry. Devika tries to make Anuj understand that he still loves Anupama.


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