Anupama 10th April 2023 Written Update: Vanraj’s evil move


In today’s episode, Leela informs Hasmuk that Vanraj has reached Mumbai. Hasmuk doubts that Vanraj did not go to Mumbai for work. Leela asks Hasmuk not to doubt her son. Kavya comes. Leela sees Kavya and says that she is going to the temple to pray for Vanraj to fulfill his wish. Kavya says that Vanraj and Leela’s current wish is to bring Anupama back. Hasmuk asks Kavya why she is saying like that. Kavya tells Hasmuk that she can’t deny it. Leela tells Kavya that she too is calling Anirudh. Kavya tells Leela that Anirudh is her friend and not like Vanraj who is dying to befriend Anupama. Leela tells Kavya that since Vanraj has no problem, she can call Anirudh.

Anirudh comes. Leela welcomes Anirudh. She asks him to make himself at home. Anirudh sits confused. Hasmuk asks Leela to keep calm. The dimple rack was getting irritated. Samar asks Dimple why she called him. Dimple asks Samar if she really doesn’t know why she called him. Samar asks Dimple why she is so angry. Dimple says that since Anupama came back, everyone is trying to throw them out of the academy. He adds that he is running the academy in Anupam’s absence and deserves recognition as well. Samar asks Dimple not to think. She tries to make Dimple understand that Anupama supported her during her decline and now she needs encouragement as to why she has a problem. Dimple tells Samar that she has no problem. He adds that Paritosh is now showing interest in the accounts. Paritosh calls Dimple and Samar.

Maya dream Anuj is happy with her. Vanraj hits on Anuj. She asks him to leave completely if he left. Paritosh asks about the bill. Dimple gets upset. She snaps at Paritosh and Anupam to ask about the bills. Dimple says she is not a thief. Anupama asks Dimple why she is upset. Dimple tells Anupam that Samar won’t tell the truth he wants to tell. He adds that parents have stopped sending their children because of Anupam. Dimple says they should change the name of the dance academy. Anupama, Paritosh, Kinjal and Pakhi stand stunned.

Anupama says her livelihood is a dance academy. Dimple says but in her absence she and Samar have managed and he can’t waste hard work for her. Pakhi stands up for Anupama and calls Dimple ungrateful. Dimple argues with Pakhi. Samar asks Pakhi to calm down. Paritosh asks Samar why she is not stopping Dimple. Dimple argues with Paritosh, Kinjal and Pakhi.

Anuj asks Vanraj if everything is fine behind his back. Vanraj asks Anuj if she wants to know about Anupam. [episode ends}

Introduction: Anupama hands over the dance academy to Samar and Dimple. Vanraj assures Anuj that Anupama is happy without him.


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