Amazon July Edition Jackpot Quiz Answers Today – Rs 50,000

Answers to the Amazon July Jackpot quiz: The new month of July 2022 has started & funzone brings new multiplayer competitions. The July Edition Jackpot Quiz is the first question in four new tournaments. The questions started on 1 July 2022 and will end on 31 July 2022, during these 31 days you can play the questions at any time but once. The lucky winners will receive the grand prizes after the lucky nomination. amazon holds competition for Rs. 50,000 amazon prize and other prizes to win competitors. if you want to be a lucky person try your luck by participating in the July jackpot amazon query.

The Jackpot Edition of the Jackpot Quiz is live under an amazon game category called funzone.

The Amazon Quiz July Edition Jackpot playing in the app is very easy for users, follow the steps below to reach the competition.

Amazon is always starting new questions in the funzone category but finding funzone is very difficult these days, so to access the game open the app and search for the funzone name in the search bar and open the first result, after which, you can see “New Games this week | Play Now ”section there are four new games to choose from the July & Jackpot jackpot banner to answer the question. need the right answer? scroll down to read the correct answer.

QuizTime Contest Details:

  • No. Of Que: 1
  • Contest Period – 1st July 2022 to 31st July 2022
  • Winner Prize – 50,000 & more
  • No. of Prizes – 10
  • Winner Announcement – 31st July 2022

Amazon July Edition Jackpot Quiz Answers Today – 50,000 & More

Q1: Which of these phrases can you use on Alexa to take you to the games page?

  • Take me to games page
  • Go to games page
  • Open games page
  • All of these

✅ Answer (D) – All of these

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