Abhimanyu to come for Akshara’s aid: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Abhimanyu to break off his engagement with Arohi to help Akshara. The drama in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai post Abhinav will be arrested.

In today’s episode, Arohi scolds Ruhi. Ruhi asks Arohi to stop cursing. Abhimanyu asks the reason why he is getting scolded by Ruhi. Arohi tells Abhimanyu that Ruhi hit a boy in school. Ruhi says the boy teased her that Abhimanyu, Arohi lied about their marriage. Arohi tells Ruhi that she is not old enough to discuss marriage. Ruhi gets angry and says she needs a father. Arohi scolds Ruhi. Abhimanyu takes Ruhi inside.

Mahima advises Arohi to send Ruhi to the hostel for her benefit. He says Ruhi deserves a better environment. Abhimanyu asks Arohi to stop thinking about what Mahima said. He adds that Ruhi needs their attention and they both know that Ruhi can’t stay in the hostel alone. Arohi asks Abhimanya to calm down. He decides to take his time and decide on Ruhi’s matter. Akshara thinks Abhinav has always supported her but why is she powerless to support him. She prays to God to bring Abhinav back to her. Abhimanyu thinks that Ruhi should not be punished for his wrong decision. Arohi sees Abhimanya and Ruhi together.

In the upcoming episode, Arohi gets ready to get engaged to Abhimanyu for the sake of Ruhi. Elsewhere, Abhinav will be arrested. Akshara vows to prove Abhinav’s innocence. She takes Abhimanyu’s help to get Abhinav out of jail. Will Akshara get close to Abhimanyu while gathering evidence in Abhinav’s case? Keep watching the show for a fun twist.

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