9 of the Best Adobe Illustrator Alternatives To Use


Adobe Illustrator alternatives are applications that offer similar capabilities to the popular vector software developed by Adobe Inc. Adobe Illustrator is the graphic design standard for creating logos, drawings, icons and other types of illustrations.

Although Adobe Illustrator is highly functional, it can be expensive and a bit intimidating for beginners. Some potential users may be put off by its more complex user interface (UI) and the price of an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription ($31.49 with a monthly subscription or $239.88 with an annual subscription).

Fortunately, there are many free or cheaper alternatives with an intuitive interface that offer similar features and benefits of cloud computing. Although there are many alternatives to vector software, each can offer different capabilities – from simple image manipulation tools to an all-in-one suite of tools for vector illustration, typography and photo editing – so it’s important to choose the right option for your task . .

The best alternatives to Adobe Illustrator
Depending on your project needs, experience level, and budget, important things to compare when choosing graphic design software include variety of output formats, easy vector conversion, color management, and photo editing tools, as well as price.

With these essentials in mind, here are the 9 best Adobe Illustrator alternatives:



Inkscape is an open source vector editor and is available for free. It runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux and supports a wide range of design formats, including Adobe Illustrator’s AI format, Boxy SVG format, and CorelDRAW’s CDR format. Its basic format allows it to work well even on low-end computers.

Its variety of features make it a useful artistic and technical illustration tool for designers of all kinds. Being open-source also means that tech-savvy users can customize some features and incorporate the app into other software.


  • Price: Free
  • Operating systems: macOS, Windows, Linux
  • Project goals: Creating objects and manipulating them. Export PDF files with clickable links and metadata. Use in a variety of industries including marketing/branding, engineering/CAD, web graphics and cartoons.
  • Compatible formats: SVG, PNG, JPG, PDF, PSD, EPS, TIFF, AI and EXR
  • Convert Bitmap: Yes
  • Basic features: Open-source. Vectorize line art in the “Trace Bitmap” dialog. Live Path Effects (LPE) including “Offset”, “PowerClip” and “PowerMask”. Editing a node. Duplicate guides, corners and hairlines for technical drawings. Flexible canvas with “X-ray” and “Split-view” modes for more free drawing.


The purpose of Vectr is to create an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It’s available for free as a downloadable desktop app and in the browser, making it an ideal tool for beginners or those who only need to create basic logo and illustration designs. It has basic vector editing features such as shape creation, multiple design layers and text among others. The resulting designs can be saved online or exported locally.


  • Price: Free
  • Operating Systems: Web Browser, Windows, Linux, Chromebook
  • Project Goals: Create any 2D graphics for logos, icons, illustrations, websites, resumes, business cards, greeting cards, brochures, presentations and more.
  • Compatible formats: SVG, PNG, JPG
  • Convert Bitmap: Yes
  • Basic features: Super simple vector editing. Ideal for beginners. Intuitive interface. Collaborate with multiple people by sharing a custom URL for each image.

Apache OpenOffice Draw

OpenOffice is a free office software package that can be used without any restrictions. Its product, Draw, is an easy-to-use application that allows users to create a variety of graphs, graphics, diagrams and posters, including 3D designs.

Although it lacks some of the more complex features of Adobe Illustrator and some of its alternatives, its free-to-use policy and accessible interface make it a viable alternative for basic users. It is also notable that OpenOffice is standards compliant and is the first software package in the world to use the ISO-approved OASIS OpenDocument Format (ISO/IEC 26300) as its native file format.


  • Price: Free
  • Operating systems: macOS, Windows, Linux
  • Project Goals: Create everything from simple diagrams to dynamic 3D illustrations. Draw a quick sketch or a comprehensive plan for technical or general posters, business processes and diagrams.
  • Compatible formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and WMF
  • Convert Bitmap: Yes
  • Basic features: Maximum page size 300 cm x 300 cm. Smart connectors for flowcharts, organizational charts, network diagrams, floor plans, etc. Dimension lines automatically calculate and display linear dimensions as you draw. Manipulate objects by rotating them in two or three dimensions. Use the 3D controller to create spheres, cubes, etc. Clipart gallery. Create Flash (.swf) versions of your work.
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Although GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is more focused on image manipulation and has relatively limited back-end vector functions, it features a highly customizable interface and third-party plugins, which qualifies it as a replacement for Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop for some users. . It is a free and open source platform and its sophisticated features make it a powerful design tool for desktop users.


  • Price: Free
  • Operating systems: macOS, Windows, GNU/Linux, Sun OpenSolaris, FreeBSD
  • Project goals: Photo retouching, image composition, image creation, graphic manipulation.
  • Compatible formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PDF, HEIF, BMP and DDS
  • Convert bitmap: No
  • Basic features: Photo enhancement: correct perspective distortion with correction mode; eliminate barrel distortion and vignetting with a powerful filter; edit black and white photo with channel mixer. Digital retouching. “Negative Darkroom” operation for simulating enlarged prints from scans of photographic negatives. Customizable interface.


Pixlr is a cloud-based software that is a good choice for designers who are always on the go as it supports mobile, desktop and web platforms. Since it’s a Software-as-a-Service product, it’s a very accessible tool because it doesn’t have to rely on your computer’s processing and graphics rendering power. Instead, it leverages cloud hardware and processing speed.

Although it lacks some of the most advanced features of Adobe illustrator, its wide support and user interface make it a good alternative that can even replace Adobe Photoshop.


  • Price: Freemium — Basic access: Free / Premium: $7.99 per month, Team (up to 5 seats) $12.99 per month (discounts for annual plans)
  • Operating system: Web browser
  • Project goals: Photo editing and graphic design. Edit photos on your mobile device.
  • Compatible formats: SVG, PNG, JPG, PSD, PXD and WebP
  • Convert Bitmap: Yes
  • Core Features: Two online versions: Pixlr X (for quick edits and beginners) and Pixlr E (for advanced edits and professionals) supported by ads. An AI-powered tool (Pixlr BG) for automatic and free image background removal. Simple steps to achieve aesthetic photo effects. A library of stickers, overlays, borders and decorative texts.


Vecteezy allows users to create their own vector designs or choose from Vecteezy’s image library. Its clean user interface and simplified processes reduce the learning curve and make it a very useful tool for those with no experience in graphic design.

The free version is integrated into the website for a more efficient experience and includes enough options and features for both beginners and professionals. A paid Pro subscription adds access to Vecteezy’s entire collection of vector images, photos and videos with unlimited downloads, plus a Pro license for full commercial rights to use their images.


  • Price: Freemium — Basic version: Free / Pro subscription with unlimited images and videos: $14 per month or $108 per year / Extended Pro license to Pro subscription: $99
  • Operating system: Web browser
  • Project Goals: Editing SVG files. Free online resource, professional quality vector art, fresh photos and videos to jumpstart your projects. Customize Vecteezy content before downloading or create your own vector designs.
  • Compatible formats: SVG, PNG
  • Convert bitmap: (Only with paid Pro subscription)
  • Key Features: Millions of free resources. Simple for beginners but powerful enough for professionals. (If you don’t want to sign up for a Pro account, you can still “pay as you go” to download individual Pro images.)
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SVG boxes

Boxy SVG is available for free as a desktop app for Linux, but a paid subscription gives access to a Google Chrome extension that makes the web app compatible on any device and operating system.

It is a very suitable tool for beginners due to the simplicity of its user interface, which narrows down the list of options to only basic functions. Overall, it’s easier to work with than Adobe Illustrator, and its uncomplicated interface means it’s also easy to use.


  • Price: 15-day free trial. Linux desktop app: Free / macOS desktop app: $19.99 / cloud-based web app: $9.99 per year for standard subscription or $99.99 per year for premium subscription
  • Operating systems: Linux, macOS, Windows, web browser
  • Project Goals: Create and stylize icons, charts, and illustrations using the SVG editor.
  • Compatible formats: SVG, SVGZ, PNG, JPG, GIF, WebP, PDF and HTML
  • Convert Bitmap: Yes
  • Core features: Integration with Open Clip Art Library, photos from Pixabay and Google Fonts. 100+ keyboard commands. “Vectorize”, “pixelate”, “triangulate” and “primitivize” generators for converting bitmap images to vector art using various effects. Tools for web developers.

Affinity Designer

Launched in 2014 and available for Windows, macOS, and iOS, Affinity Designer is a popular alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Affinity Designer’s biggest selling point is its interface, which allows the user to create in three distinct personas: Designer Persona, Pixel Persona, and Export Persona.

Advanced Adobe users will enjoy the easy switching between vector, pixel and export modes, making Affinity Designer a cross between Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.


  • Price: 30-day free trial. Price: $40.99 (for Windows and macOS) or $11.99 for iPad. No monthly subscription fees.
  • Operating systems: Windows, MacOS, iOS
  • Project Goals: Work in large documents, organize using layer groups and color markers, create unique illustrations using vector and raster tools.
  • Compatible formats: SVG, JPG, PDF, PSD, TIFF, AI and EXR
  • Convert Bitmap: Yes
  • Basic Features: Unlimited art canvas. Create custom document settings and templates. Create new documents from ready-to-ship presets. Advanced grids, snapping and alignment. Customizable keyboard shortcuts. CMYK, 16-bit and 32-bit RGB, Pantone, ICC profiles.
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Originally launched over three decades ago, CorelDRAW is probably the most well-known alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It is a cross-platform application available on Windows and macOS and offers similar design options to Adobe applications, but with a completely different interface and overall approach.

CorelDRAW is slightly more affordable than Adobe Illustrator, but it’s more expensive than all the other options on this list.


  • Price 15-day free trial. Graphics Suite Subscription: $16.58 per month / $269 per year / One-time purchase: $424
  • Operating systems: macOS, iOS, Windows, web browser
  • Project Goals: Vector illustration and page layout, image editing and pixel based design, bitmap to vector tracing, RAW photo editing
  • Compatible formats: SVG, PNG, JPG, PDF, PSD, AI, DWG, DXF, EPS, TIFF and HEIF
  • Convert Bitmap: Yes
  • Core Features: Compatible with other CorelDRAW Graphics Suite tools. Multi-page display. Draw in perspective. Export multiple items with one click. New and improved “Replace Colors” filter. 7,000 clip art, digital images and vehicle wrap templates. More than 1000 TrueType and OpenType fonts. Over 600 fountain, vector and bitmap fills.


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